Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Eloquent" Protesters Diss and Hiss at Woman Prof Who Questions Ideological Basis of Feminism/Gender Studies

University of Ottawa prof Janet Fiamengo is an academic who departs from the politically correct orthodoxy, a stance which did not sit well with a number of University of Toronto students who, earlier this month, took immense umbrage at what she had to say:
Fiamengo’s lecture on “‘What’s Wrong with Women’s Studies?” examined what she identified as the problems with academic feminism and women’s and gender studies programs. 
In her lecture, Fiamengo claims that “the whole reason for [feminism’s] being depends on an activist orientation towards women’s position on society,” suggesting it was a “fundamental contradiction” to premise a scholarly discipline on an “ideological agenda.” 
“It can’t admit when its reformed goals have been achieved, because to do so would be to  radically weaken the claimed necessity of its combined existence. So it must always find new wars to fight, new sources of deplority [sic] to decry … [feminism and women’s and gender studies] must always be advancing its ideological world view by whatever means necessary,” said Fiamengo. 
Although there were no interruptions to the lecture beyond the fire alarm, several students critiqued Fiamengo’s material during a question period. Questions from audience members opposed to Fiamengo’s positions were greeted by jeering and heckling from the audience. 
Other student protesters displayed their intelligence and phenomenal way with words (the result, no doubt, of years of expensive "education") this way:

Protestors outside the event

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