Friday, March 22, 2013

Matchmaker/Procurer Finds Saudi Moneybags Hubbies for Nublile Syrian Refugee Chicks

She's sort of a skeevy Yenta the Matchmaker--for elderly Wahhabis with a penchant for firm young flesh:
AMMAN — Nezar’s face is tight with expectation as she arrives for the meeting. She is a heavy-set mother of 12 and as she arranges herself on the small sofa in Um Majed’s living room she removes her black veil and the pious black gloves that allow her to shake hands with men who are not her relatives.  
Um Majed sets down small cups of hot Turkish coffee to ease the tension. Nezar is a Syrian refugee and looking for a husband for her daughter. She lists the girl’s qualities.  
“She is tall and pretty,” she tells Um Majed. “She finished the seventh grade.”  
“There is one available. He is Saudi,” Um Majed answers.  
This is what Nezar wants to hear. Saudis, flush with petrodollars, will pay well. She has high hopes for this Saudi...
Hope he looked in her mouth, the typical procedure at dog shows, to ensure she had a good set of choppers.

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