Thursday, March 21, 2013

CBS Derives the Wrong Message (What are the Odds, Eh?) About Hamas-Fired Rockets During Obama's Israel Visit

The leftoids conclude:
Updated 4:10 a.m. ET. JERUSALEM On the second day of a Mideast tour, President Obama was set to emphasize the importance of reaching an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, a message underscored Thursday when Palestinian militants in Gaza launched rockets into southern Israel.
Au contraire, peace-in-our-time-mongers. In fact, this is the message underscored by those Muslim Brotherhood projectiles:
War has an endpoint. Peace does not. A peace in which you are constantly at war can go on forever because while the enthusiasts of war eventually exhaust their patriotism, the enthusiasts of peace never give up on their peacemaking. 
Warmongers may stop after a few thousand dead, but Peacemongers will pirouette over a million corpses. 
Two decades after the peace process has failed in every way imaginable. Two decades after cemeteries on both sides are full of the casualties of peace. Two decades which have created two abortive Palestinian states at war with one another and with Israel. 
Two decades later, it’s still time for peace. 
Peace time means that it’s time to ring up some more Israeli concessions in the hopes of getting the terrorists back to the negotiating table for another photo op in the glorious album of peacemakers. And if the photos are properly posed, perhaps there will even be another Nobel Peace Prize in it for all the participants. 
Wouldn't that--another shiny "peace" prize--make it all worthwhile (the growing pile of corpses be damned)?

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