Friday, March 29, 2013

British Peer Lord Ahmed Apologizes to the Jooos for Blaming Them for, Well, Everything (Including His Fatal Fender-Bender)

And he sounds, like, really contrite:
The Community Security Trust has rejected an apology by Lord Ahmed for his “unacceptable” comments that suggested Jews controlled the media and British politics.  
The Labour peer, who has been suspended from the party pending an investigation, had blamed Jews for his dangerous driving charge in 2009. He claimed a Jewish conspiracy was responsible for his imprisonment for causing a fatal car crash. The peer reportedly suggested a Jewish plot against him had followed his support for Palestinians in Gaza. 
He was jailed for 12 weeks in 2009 after admitting sending text messages shortly before a motorway crash which killed another driver. 
The peer reportedly said: “My case became more critical because I went to Gaza to support Palestinians. My Jewish friends who own newspapers and TV channels opposed this.”  
Lord Ahmed made the offending comments during a television interview aired in Pakistan last April and obtained and published by The Times newspaper this month.
Now he has “completely and unreservedly” apologised for his comments in an interview with the Huffington Post.  
He reportedly told the Huffington Post that he had “the greatest respect” for the Jewish community and apologised to Jewish Labour leader Ed Miliband for embarrassing the party. “He’s of the Jewish faith and I’m sorry that I embarrassed him, or anybody else in the Labour Party,” said Lord Ahmed.  
“I’m not antisemitic or a conspiracy theorist. I only believe in facts and I should have stuck with the facts rather than with conspiracy theories.”...
Don't tell me, let me guess: some of his best friends are Jewish? (It's called Zionhass, BTW, your lordship. And you've got it bad.)

Update: From the Beeb report:
The 55-year-old Pakistan-born businessman and Labour Party activist was appointed to the House of Lords by Tony Blair in 1998. He was one of the first three Muslim peers, (sic) 
He was suspended and investigated by the Labour Party in 2012 after allegations he had called for a £10m bounty for the capture of US Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush. He was subsequently cleared and reinstated.
Obviously (and ho ho ho), the House of Lords has no sanity clause.

FYI, that is not Lord Ahmed on the left (or the right, for that matter). It's just a couple of Joooos!

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