Friday, March 15, 2013

Vajayjay Day: Nonie Darwish Disses a Foggy Bottom "Women of Courage" Pick; Canucki Dude Dresses Up as Giant Vajayjay

Darwish, who for her willingness to speak out against the problematic aspects of Islam is a real "woman of courage," isn't terribly impressed by the Egyptian chick who almost copped a prize from Foggy Bottom for spilling the beans re the Egyptian army subjecting chick protesters in Tahrir Square to so-called "virginity tests":
Ms. Ibrahim’s views are no breakthroughs of courage against the real problems of the Muslim world: her head covering remains a symbol of her defense of Sharia. She has never demonstrated against the forced virginity checks that occur daily in Egypt at almost all weddings to make sure the bride is a virgin. As a child in Egypt, I attended weddings where the bride’s virginity blood was on display on a white handkerchief while guns were shot to celebrate the blessed event proving the family’s pride in their daughter’s virginity. Neither did Ibrahim lead a movement in Egypt against female genital mutilation or the Egyptian marriage contract, which asks the bride to sign a paper before the marriage stating she is a virgin. 
There is also no feminist movement in Egypt lead by Ibrahim, against the barbaric honor killings of girls found not to be virgins; that is perhaps because all are either dead or have undergone reconstructive virginity surgery, a popular procedure for girls who must save their necks.
In Egypt, they reconstruct their vajayjays; in Canada, they dress up in vajayjay costumes, which is not in the least courageous, and looks damn silly, too.

Worst. Vagina Get-Up. EVER!

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