Tuesday, September 16, 2014

As Good a Working Definition of Zionhass As I Have Ever Read

It's here:
What we have witnessed this year is that anger over Israel’s refusal to allow itself to be attacked with impunity by Islamist terrorists is blurring any distinctions between socially unacceptable anti-Semitism and anger at Israel that has been deemed mere politics rather than hate speech. The violent rhetoric against Jews and Israel that has spilled over into the attacks on Jews Merkel referenced is no accident. Nor is it a surprise that those who would delegitimize Israeli Jews and demonize their actions would extend this to the Jews in their own midst, whether or not they are Zionists or religious. While theoretically one can oppose Israel without wishing to kill all Jews, it is no coincidence that those who espouse the former slip so easily into the rhetoric aiming at the latter.
Bingo! The way I would define it: Zionhass, the Jew-hate of our time (much of which is being driven by the toxic misalliance of Muslims and the left) is hating Israel because it's Jewish and hating Jews because of Israel and the steps it take to safeguard its existence.

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