Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Et Tu, Mr. Harper?

Our prime minister seems to have imbibed a wee dram of the religion-of-peace Kool-Aid:
TORONTO — The first museum in North America devoted to Islamic art will help promote an understanding of a religion that is based on tolerance and pluralism, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday at the new landmark's opening ceremony.  
The Aga Khan — spiritual leader of the world's Ismaili community — joined Harper in Toronto to celebrate the opening of his namesake museum, the $300-million Aga Khan museum and Ismaili centre.  
"We celebrate today, then, not only the harmonious meeting of green gardens and glass galleries, or of Italian marble and Canadian maple. We rejoice above all in the special spirit which fills this place and gives it its soul," Harper said...
Far be it from me to point out that the Germans gave us creations of great beauty too--the glorious music of Bach and Beethoven, the paintings and engravings of Durer, the poetry of Goethe and Schiller, etc., etc., etc. They also gave us the Third Reich. The point being that the sublime and the barbaric (i.e. Islamic art and the jihad) can spring from the same "soul"--and can even, at times, co-exist.

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