Monday, September 29, 2014

NatPo Article Calls for Ezra Levant's Head on a Platter

There's an article to be written about why it is that Ezra Levant pushes the NatPo's buttons in such a predictably hysterical way--but that'll have to wait. For now it's sufficient to note that this appears in a NatPo piece about a forthcoming Sun Media apology to Justin Trudeau because of Levant's "mean" rant:
Any apology is likely to prompt further debate, with some likely to suggest it will set a bad precedent for future dealings between politicians and the media. Others will say undoubtedly say the only real apology will be to take Levant, who has run into trouble with his rants before, off the air entirely.
"Others" say that, eh? "Please take Ezra off the air entirely" sound to me like the wish Jonathan Kay makes when he blows out his birthday candles.

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