Monday, September 29, 2014

It Seems To Me I've Heard That Song Before

Mark Steyn's Song of Week (there are two songs, actually, both from one of my favorite--if now semi-obscure and forgotten--musicals, Bells Are RingingI'm probably one of the few people around who knows all the words to Judy Holliday's Bells showstopper, "I'm Going the Bonjour Tristesse Brassiere Company") inspired me to reprise this parody (with more than a few new tweaks):

Justin time,
They want him,
Justin time.
Before he came their time
Had plum run out.
Got great hair,
And so much youthful flair,
Chased away their despair
Without a doubt.
Now he's here
With all his passion and panache
He'll fashion a big Lib'ral victory.
For he came,
Justin time,
And now it's Justin time.
They're swooning coast to coast
As you can see.

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