Saturday, September 27, 2014

Canadian-Somali ISIS Fighter Resurfaces Weeks After Reports That He'd Kicked It in Syria

And since he's still alive and seething (despite a report some weeks back that it was his turn for some posthumous nooky) he's delighted, writes Islamic terrorism expert Stewart Bell, to do some jihadi P.R. for his peeps:
Interviewed from Iraq by the U.S. website, Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a former Calgary movie theatre employee, appeared erratic and became increasingly enraged as he dished out threats and claimed God wtas on his side.
“God willing, we will make some attacks in New York soon, a lot of brothers are mobilizing there right now in the West, thanks to Allah,” he said. Smiling, he added they were “mobilizing for a brilliant attack, my friend.” 
ISIS was conducting beheadings because “you attack one of us, we will attack one of you,” he said, adding, “We will stop when we behead the kuffar' 
He is one of several Somali-Canadians thought to have joined ISIS, prompting the Canadian Somali Congress’s Western branch to appeal for government help. A Hamilton, Ont. man presumed dead in ISIS was also a Somali-Canadian. 
“No one recruited me. Actually no one spoke a single word to me. All I did, I opened the newspaper, I read the Koran. Very easy,” he said. Five days before he left, Canadian authorities interviewed him, he claimed. “All their intelligence workers are imbeciles,” he said, although he then named the FBI before correcting that it was the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. 
The nephew of the former Prime Minister of Somalia, Mr. Shirdon has made grandiose threats before. After arriving in Iraq, he appeared in an ISIS video in which he burned his passport and threatened Canada and the U.S...
Don't worry, though. Authorities have assured us that such incendiary activity is in no way connected with Islam, the contents of which remain entirely peaceful, loving, beautiful and benign.

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