Thursday, September 18, 2014

Neat Feat: Roger L. Simon Reviews Naomi Klein's New Capitalism-Is-Destroying-the-Climate Tome Without Having Read It

Apropos the eco-alarmists (whose bandwagon the opportunistic Ms. Klein has leapt upon with alacrity and glee), Simon writes:
But the whole climate thing is much more than a mere scam, gigantic as it is. It is the purest example of the use of moral narcissism by and against liberals and progressives. It is the perfect exploitation of the human need to feel good about ourselves.  More opine about matters scientific in our culture than in all of history, probably, while knowing less — and that’s not just because Al Gore got D in geology or because the whole idea of “settled science” is an oxymoron.  ”Climate change” is liberalism’s paradigm self-deception.  If you believe that, you can believe anything. It is so, if you want it to be so. With the world in the midst of civilizational struggle, that’s pretty pathetic — and scary. 

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