Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fatah Accuses Hamas of Stealing Mega-Bucks Earmarked for Gaza Aid

I trust Fatah here because it wouldn't be complaining if it had been able to get its kleptocratic hands on the loot:
“Show me the money:” A Palestinian Authority (PA) official claimed Tuesday that $700 million in international aid designated for reconstruction and humanitarian use in Gaza was taken by Hamas, “over the blood of the children of Palestine,” Israel’s NRG News reported. 
Fatah spokesman, Ahmad Assaf, claimed that, during Operation Protective Edge, Hamas’ leadership in Gaza absconded with the money before it reached its destination. 
“They raised funds from the Arab world in the name of the martyrs in Gaza, and on behalf of women, children and elders, and they talked about rebuilding the Gaza Strip and Israel destroyed mosques,” Assaf said in an interview with Arab media. 
The Fatah spokesman insisted that Hamas’ leadership must “return the money they stole from the families of the dead and wounded refugee families whose homes were destroyed by the war,” and warned against the Islamist group “taking advantage of the circumstances of the war of destruction…”
I'd say the chances of Hamas returning the moolah is a big, fat goose egg.

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