Thursday, September 18, 2014

Is Truedopemania a Function of Harper Derangement Syndrome?

Margaret Wente thinks so. She writes that several of her friends have recently come down with a wicked case of HDS, and that that points to a victory for His Adorableness:
The Tories have blasted Mr. Trudeau for lacking substance, but the country doesn’t care. The pundits have blasted him for being vague about his policies, but people don’t care about that either. As Brian Mulroney aptly observed, Mr. Trudeau’s major platform is that he’s not Stephen Harper. For now, that’s enough. All he has to do is bat his eyes and toss his hair and look winsome.
In that case, mission accomplished (and bye bye Harper).

Also--the pundits have blasted him? They have? Seems to me they've mostly been carrying his water. When they aren't being downright fawning, that is.

The big question to be asked here: why is former Tory prime minister Mulroney helping our current Tory Prime Minister Harper's adversary?

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