Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Canadian "Human Rights" Mausoleum--Not Ready for Prime Time

Let's just say that the phrase "up and running" does not apply to the colossally expensive and ill-conceived monstrosity:
WINNIPEG -- Less than a week after a splashy grand opening, officials at the country's newest museum said half the galleries won't be finished when the Canadian Museum for Human Rights opens its doors to the public Saturday. 
President and CEO Stuart Murray said they had intended to have all 11 galleries open by Saturday, but that isn't possible. Only five galleries will be done when the museum welcomes the public
People will only be able to tour the museum through a choice of two 90-minute guided tours until November and are encouraged to buy their tickets online in advance. 
"There are some elements that we thought would be here that just are not here," Murray said Wednesday without elaborating on what those are. ...
Spoken by a man who seems not to know his arse from his ankle, a trait which will no doubt continue to inform his leadership, however long or short it may be.

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