Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Iran Accused of Killing Its Own Nuclear Scientist (After First Blaming His Death on Israel)

Apparently, the scientist was reluctant to build a nuke for the Grandiose Ayatollah, and therefore rendered himself nonessential.

And speaking of His Grandiosity, NYT opiner Roger Cohen thinks we should solicit his assistance in order to defeat our common enemy, ISIS. I wrote this letter by way of saying nuts to that:
Using that old "enemy of my enemy is my friend" argument, the one the U.S. employed when it hooked up with Stalin (who had for a brief time been allied with Hitler) to defeat the Nazis, Roger Cohen would have us make common cause with, of all countries, Iran.
There's a word for such an idea, and it's one which has a distinctly Cold War ring to it: it is MAD.
In case the meaning of that acronym has slipped your mind, it is short for "Mutually Assured Destruction." It refers to what would be triggered if and when one power with nuclear weapons (either America or the Soviets) decided to drop an A-bomb on the other, and therefore acted as a deterrent to that Dr. Strangelove scenario.
Alas, it does not apply to an atomically-empowered Iran. For one thing, you are dealing with religious fanatics who, unlike Godless Communists, put little value on life in the here and now and who are looking forward to spending an eternity in a balmy Paradise while we non-believers roil in Hell. For another, "mutually assured destruction" squares with the Shia's end-times narrative which requires such a cataclysm to effect the return of their messiah, the long-hibernating twelfth imam.
For those reasons, an alliance with Iran is sheer MADness--only without the element of deterrence. And Roger Cohen, who has had some nutty ideas about Iran in the past, should have his head examined for even suggesting it.

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