Monday, September 22, 2014

Today's Weather Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Apocalypse

The UN is having another one of those "climate" conferences, the kind that marry the apocalyptical and the anti-capitalistic. (Not by co-incidence, that's exactly what Naomi Klein--or as I like to call her, Karla Gore--does in her new eye-glazer, This Changes Everything--or as I like to call it, The Climatist Manifesto.) Ironically enough, the confab is sure to result in tons of smoke, much Harper-bashing (by/in the Harper-hatin' Canadian media) and oodles of hot air--stuff like this, for instance, which conflates "climate change" with weather.

Also--one wonders how much trash was left behind yesterday when all those eco-freaks ("hundred of thousands"--really?) gathered in New York.

Update: John "Smoggy Bottom" Kerry promises that, for the regime he serves, climate change (not ISIS) with be "front and center."

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