Friday, September 19, 2014

"Saving 'Peaceful' Islam and Obama's Sorry Arse"

Daniel Greenfield's thoughts on John Kerry's recent performance at the Senate are entitled "Saving Private Kerry," but they should really be called what you see above:
But no speech on ISIS by any member of the administration would be complete without more Islamic revisionism. 
And Secretary of State John Kerry certainly did not disappoint. 
Kerry fumed that ISIS were “cold-blooded killers marauding across the Middle East making a mockery of a peaceful religion.” He asserted that the Do Something coalition was about exposing ISIS as un-Islamic. 
This mission isn’t just about taking out an enemy on the battlefield; it’s about taking out a network, decimating and discrediting a militant cult masquerading as a religious movement,” he said. 
 We must continue to repudiate the gross distortion of Islam that ISIL is spreading,” Kerry whined. That would be the gross distortion spread by Mohammed and his followers through the Koran. 
Repudiating it would be a good start, but it would also be considered blasphemy. And the followers of Islam, like ISIS, respond to such repudiations with threats of violence and actual violence. 
The real mission of the “Do Something” coalition isn’t to destroy ISIS; it is to protect the reputation of Islam. Kerry’s real mission in the Senate wasn’t to lay out a strategy for defeating ISIS, but to protect the reputation of Obama. If the strategy is out to lunch and the mission seems vague, it’s because the real action isn’t taking place in Iraq, but in Washington. It’s not about defeating ISIS. It’s about perpetuating the disastrous policies that allowed it to become so big and so powerful.
My educated guess is that that Kerry has never cracked open a Koran--or a history book about Mohammed's and Mohammedan conquests--in his entire life.

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