Monday, September 22, 2014

"Club Dead"

Too funny! (Don't forget--you can also book the joint for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and other assorted soirees.)

Update: The Globe and Mail's scribbler was exhausted by his visit to the mausoleum, and, to demonstrate his virtuousness bona fides, is mega-p.o.'d about an aboriginal woman who was murdered nearby.

Update: Jonathan Kay has a great idea about how to deal with victim groups upset with they way they've been depicted--or have been ignored--by the mausoleum:
Which of these complaints from anti-museum critics have merit and which don’t? Till now, the museum has responded on an ad hoc basis — ignoring some groups, consulting with others. But surely, now that the museum is open, a more systematic approach is needed, one that recognizes the plain fact that the proper curation of human-rights-related material in a museum explicitly dedicated to the issue of human rights must itself be treated, legally, as a matter of human rights. 
Fortunately, Canada already has an expert body dedicated to such matters — The Canadian Human Rights Commission. As the web site informs us, “anyone who works for or receives services from a business or organization that is regulated by the federal government can make a complaint.” That would appear to include the Museum for Human Rights, which was established by Parliament in 2008. 
And so the path forward is clear: The Canadian Human Rights Commission must establish a special human-rights tribunal to address human-rights complaints pertaining to the presentation of human-rights issues at the Canadian Museum For Human Rights. 
But why not go further? 
If the true goal of the Canadians Museum For Human Rights is to create a “national hub for human rights learning and discovery,” as its web site boasts, shouldn’t visitors to the museum be able to file a human rights complaint at the museum itself?...
An excellent idea, one which would help demonstrate how foolish, useless and essentially totalitarian the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission is.

If the "human rights" mausoleum succeeds in doing that, then it won't have been a colossal waste of taxpayers' dollars after all.

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