Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Canadian Somali Leader Wants the Prime Minister to Do Something to Stop Somali "Yutes" From Running Off to Join ISIS

The onus is on us to stop them from becoming radicalized, apparently:
EDMONTON—The leader of a Somali group has written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper warning that young people in Alberta are being recruited to become fighters for the radical group ISIS. 
In his letter, Mahamad Accord says he has solid sources, including elders, who say youths from the Somali community as young as 16 have signed up to become terrorist soldiers. 
Accord, who is president of the Canadian Somali Congress Western Canada, says he doesn’t have any hard numbers on how many young people have been recruited. 
He says some youths who have left have called home from countries such as Turkey without any explanation. 
Accord is asking the prime minister for help to reach out to disaffected Somali youth to counter ISIS recruiters...

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