Sunday, June 26, 2016

CNN's Fareed Zakaria 'Spains "Why They Hate Us" By Sanitizing By-the-Book Islam

Zakaria's spin-doc was on the tube again last night, and I watched in astonishment as he drew an exact parallel between war-like words in Deuteronomy and calls for jihad in Islamic scripture--as if Jews, too, have been engaged in an ongoing "holy war" since the get-go.

At one stage, Zakaria has a sit down with ardent jihadist Anjem Choudary. And while I deplore Choudary's supremacist ideology, it has the advantage of being real and pure and true. Unlike Zakaria's mealy-mouthed half-truths, which are designed to lull and gull the infidel into thinking that Choudary's version of Islam--the version described below--is not the real deal:
It's not theology, it's politics. Radical Islam is the product of the broken politics and stagnant economics of Muslim countries. They have found in radical religion an ideology that lets them rail against the modern world, an ideology that is now being exported to alienated.
Wrong. Radical Islam is the product of Islam's holy texts and the example of Islam's founder, a warrior with a penchant for dominance and conquest.

Fareed won't tell you that, though, because he wants you to feel guilty about the crappy state of the Muslim world, and to make you think that you--that we--bear the onus for fixing it:
There's really only one way: Help the majority of Muslims fight extremists, reform their faith, and modernize their societies. In doing so, we should listen to those on the front lines, many of whom are fighting and dying in the struggle against jihadis. The hundreds of Muslim reformers I've spoken to say their task is made much harder when Western politicians and pundits condemn Islam entirely, demean their faith, and speak of all Muslims as backward and suspect.
Seems to me that Fareed, the "moderate,"  is calling for outright submission, which is exactly what the radical likes of Choudary demand. However, no matter who insists on it--whether "moderates," like Zakaria, or "radicals," like Choudary--to paraphrase the infamous words of Turkey's Erdogan, submission is submission, and that's it. And that task--our submission/capitulation--is made much harder when Westerners actually know what's in the Koran, the Hadith and Islam's other holy works such that we understand from whence jihad stems, and condemn it entirely.

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