Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Leftists and Pro-QuAIA Muslims Hijack Toronto Vigil for Orlando Victims

As Sue-Anne Levy, who was disgusted by egregious display of virtue signaling and political correctness, notes, the whole thing turned into "a vigil for Islam."

Levy is also sickened by the vigilists' highly selective opprobrium:
These are the very same apologists, except for [Toronto mayor John] Tory, I might add, who either propped up QuAIA [Queers Against Israeli Apartheid] or refused to condone its existence in the Pride parade over five long years. 
I repeat — while they refused to use the “M” word Sunday night even though the facts are staring them in their politically-correct faces — these are the very same people, who were quite content to allow the only gay-friendly country in the Middle East, the country that takes in gay refugees from the homophobic Arab countries, to be vilified in a parade that is supposed to be about gay rights. 
I wonder — if my sources are correct about QuAIA rearing its ugly head in Toronto’s Pride parade yet again this year — whether we can expect the same prayer vigil for Israel at Barbara Hall park.
Clearly, that last query is rhetorical.

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