Monday, June 6, 2016

Prognostications Re the Future of Campus BDS

This piece, in Mosaic, claims that the likelihood that BDS will be sticking around for a while on North American college and university campuses depends on whether or not it imports a distinctly "European" anti-Semitic vibe.

I'm not sure if that's true. Most of today's campus BDS is conducted by a toxic alliance of Leftists and Islamists. Since both those factions have their own built-in animus towards Israel, neither of which depend on an infusion of classic European anti-Semitic tropes, I think EU-style Jew-hate is largely irrelevant.

Not that anyone should downplay or ignore the ongoing threat posed by campus Israel-haters, who are, in a word, relentless. However, a good outcome is possible if and when supporters of Israel and Western civ. remain vigilant, and are willing to speak up and take concerted action. What happened recently at Montreal's McGill University is an excellent example of that.

Update: Trump University had at least one great thing going for it--no BDS. ;)

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