Monday, June 20, 2016

Six Flags Over Wahhabiland to Offer Saudi-Style "Fun"

There's news that the Six Flags organization will be opening some theme parks in Saudi Arabia, perhaps the least fun place on the planet. Hence this unintentionally amusing para from the Reuters piece:
It is unclear whether the theme park company will tailor its rides, which include water slides, to the social codes of a country where public spaces are gender segregated and patrolled by state-sponsored Islamic morality enforcers.
It will definitely have to tailor its rides to suit the country. For one thing, how is it even safe for chicks clad in heavy, head-to-toe black shrouds to go on any unadapted Six Flags rides? Also, the rides will have to be gender segregated--either by the ride (some rides being deemed unsuitable for the second-class sex) or, a la swimming pool rules, by designated times when each gender can use it.

And, sorry, but those morality police are bound to put a damper on the fun: heck, spoiling peoples' fun is part of their job description.

All in all, that makes a Six Flags Over Riyadh theme park one to avoid.

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