Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jewish Quisling To Speak On Behalf of Eliminationist Khomeinists at Toronto Al Quds Day Rally

Found this online:
Like last year, Ken Stone, a founding member of Independent Jewish Voices (Canada) will be one of the several keynote speakers at the [Toronto Al Quds Day] rally. 
On May 13th, 2016, Ken Stone delivered a speech at a dinner in Toronto to honour 27th anniversary of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of 1979 Islamic Revolution (listen below). 
Ilana Shneider at the Jewish Media Agency (June 28, 2016) cried WOLF by claiming that Holocaust denier and extremist Jewish group Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), clueless gay activists from Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, and anti-Israel, anti-gay Neturei Karta (Torah Jews) will participate the al-Quds rally on Saturday. 
On Wednesday, Iran’s ‘moderate president’ Sheikh Hassan Rouhani urged Muslims around the world to make it their sacred duty to participate in al-Quds rallies in support of nine million oppressed Palestinians. In Iran over 850 cities including Tehran are planning to hold al-Quds rallies on Friday July 1, a holiday in the country. He urged the Iranian nation to renew their allegiance with the late Imam Khomeini by staging a rally which would signify seven decades of the sufferings by homeless Palestinians...
There's plenty of room in Iran. Why don't they let the "nine million oppressed" and "homeless" Palestinians live there?

As for Ken "Quisling" Stone: there's a particularly squalid quadrant of Hades reserved for a Jew who does dirt to him own in order to further the genocidal agenda of a snake like Khomeini.

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