Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"The Premier," A Song Parody

While Hillary and her supporters go on and on about her being the first female candidate for president and how it's so momentous, Ontarians, who have been suffering under the leadership of a female premier for a while now, know the truth: that when it comes to being a leader, genitals are irrelevant, and a woman leader can be every bit as crappy as a man.

Here's Premier Kathleen Wynne, coming clean for once, in an abbreviated reworking of S&G's "The Boxer":
I am just a premier and my story's often told.
I have snookered you for years now
With a raft of daft and reckless broken promises.
I lie with ease,
Still, the voters hear what they want to hear--
It's a type of a disease.

When campaigning for election
I did bad and dirty things
But positioned 'em as virtue:
That's the Lib'ral way
And I was really runnin' scared.
Dalton McG.--
He preceded me as premier;
Left a mess for all to see.
I'll ignore it so it won't adhere to me.

Lie lie lie, lie lie lie lie lie lie lie,
Lie lie lie, lie lie lie lie lie lie lie
Lie lie lie lie lie...

In a chamber sits a premier
And a liar non pareil,
And she buries the reminders
Of ev'ry fib that's hurt us all
And squandered our resources.
Where's our anger? Where's her shame?
She is staying, she is staying,
She is never going away.

Lie lie lie, lie lie lie lie lie lie lie...

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