Friday, June 3, 2016

Ontario "Human Rights" Tribunal Wastes Time, Money On Kvetching Midwives Who Claim They Don't Earn as Much as Physicians Do Because of "Discrimination"

Trouble is, as the NatPo's Robyn Urback points outs, not only does it take a lot more time, study and money to become a doctor than it does to become a midwife, but the idea that the earning disparity is due to a "gender gap" is ridiculous. Not that that's prevented our e'er-vigilant "human rights" inquisitors from granting legitimacy to the lunacy:
Women outnumber men at nearly every medical school across the country, and there are nearly 1,500 more female physicians under 35 than males practising in Canada in 2016, according to statistics from the Canadian Medical Association. Therefore, to suggest that midwives are paid less than doctors because the province places greater value on the latter as a “male-dominated” profession is to misrepresent the current demographics of physicians in Canada. 
The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has already wasted three years on procedural trivialities regarding this case, and it’s only just getting started. Unfortunately, it seems poised to consume even more time, money and resources on a case that probably never should have made it to the tribunal in the first place.
What do you want to bet that, after lots more investigation and adjudication, these "human rights" doofuses end up siding with the midwives?

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