Saturday, June 4, 2016

"You Said You Owed It To the Imams"

The Parole Board of Canada has ruled that the leader of the Toronto 18, that "broad strata" who were planning to pull off an impressively destructive feat of jihad for the sake of Allah, has shown insufficient contrition to be released just yet. To the contrary, the lad (who is now 31) is rather enjoying his notoriety as chief plotter (he "organized training camps near Washago, Ontario, in December 2005 to prepare recruits for attacks), and "also appeared to relish the opportunity to speak at conferences" once he's no longer in the joint.

That said, the board did express some optimism:
The decision stated Ahmad “had gained a new perspective and that you now realize everything is not black and white. You are beginning to develop a stronger capacity for insight.” 
If he serves the rest of his sentence, he would be released on January 24, 2018.
Ahmad said he wanted to study robotics at Humber College. 
In January, he was shifted to a medium security institution where he works as a food tray collector and a peer health counsellor. He also receives counselling by imams.
Wow. He sounds like a reformed man. ;)

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