Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ken Livingstone, Israel-Hater, Barks, "I Could Be Jewish"

Ken's in the doghouse for saying that Hitler was a fan of Zionism and thinks that this, his latest blood libel, could get him out:
Ken Livingstone has claimed he might have Jewish roots.  
The former Mayor of London, who has been suspended from the Labour Party for arguing that Hitler supported Zionism, told the JC he might have Jewish ancestry on his mother's side.  
Asked to name a Jewish friend, he cited the late Lord Janner, a one-time fellow Labour MP.  
He said: "Greville Janner used to drive me home from the House of Commons at night. We would chat away about the Middle East. He would speculate about whether or not I was Jewish because my grandmother's name was Zona."
Why, that would make him a "ben Zona," which--I kid you not--is Hebrew for "son of a bitch."

Red Ken a real S.O.B.?

I could get behind that one.

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