Thursday, June 30, 2016

What's More Cringe-Worthy--Being Proud of Canada on Canada Day Or Rabble's Reaction to It?

It's the latter, I'd say
Oh, Canada. 
July 1 is a time for lefties to endure an entire uninterrupted day of cringe-inducing displays of patriotism. Red and white facepaint everywhere and way too many people will harangue and lecture the world on social media about peacekeeping, multiculturalism and our "dreamy" prime minister. 
The patriotic trinkets news outlets offer on Canada Day -- like a Canadian flag cut-out centrefold -- are just awful. 
Over at CBC Montreal, they've put together probably the worst example of Canada Day schlock in a generation: The not-so-great Canada Day "Tuques Up" challenge. It is like a patriotic card game version of charades...
Patriotic charades? Oh, no, how dreadful! ;)

Speaking of which (being dreadful, that is), I can hardly listen to CBC radio these days because it's mostly a morass of leftist victimhood culture (i.e. a member of one or another victim group winging on and on about suffering/bigotry/racism/the patriarchy/yadda yadda yadda).

Cringe-inducing? You betcha!

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gama said...

Speaking of cringe worthy ..... the muslimas in their maple-leaf hijabs/niqabs ......
& the CBC seeks them out and lingers on those luvies..... like flies to S_ite ......