Sunday, June 5, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour of Hate

Roy Liddle, one of 18 Labour party members suspended for unacceptable sauciness, is dubious about the party's probe into its own innate, endemic Jew-hate and its sources (my bolds):
...the Labour party’s investigation into anti-Semitism within its ranks is being prosecuted with enormous rigour and probity. This much is immediately evident by Labour’s decision to reinstate party activist Jackie Walker, who had said that ‘Jews’ financed the slave trade. And then she added that black people were undergoing a holocaust right now, a consequence of horrid western imperialism, whereas the Jews weren’t, OK?
OK--so what's the take-away, Roy?:
At the moment, the Labour party — led by a man who calls the deeply anti–Semitic terrorist group Hamas his ‘friends’ — has suspended perhaps 18 people in the row over anti-Semitic comments. Jeremy Corbyn has said himself that anti-Semitism is not ‘a huge problem’ within the party. Following which analysis, he then appointed the not noticeably Jewish Shami Chakrabarti to lead the investigation into anti-Semitism within the addled ranks of his Momentum supporters and Muslim councillors. 
I am one of the 18 still suspended, for having attempted to explain where Labour’s anti-Semitism came from — to wit, the infantile and sometimes fascistic white liberals who comprise Momentum and loathe Israel perhaps as an adjunct to loathing the West, and from Labour’s growing Muslim membership, many of whom simply hate Jews, full stop. 
It is not remotely a serious investigation. Nor could it ever be, because — as Douglas Murray has pointed out — the very top of the Labour party is now comprised of people who support Muslim terrorist attacks upon Israel and, further, equate Jews with capitalism and in particular western capitalism. Oh, and they also have big noses, of course. Perhaps we should fling sausages at them.
Sausages? Surely not. Surely the best thing to fling at Jews in our day is what might be characterized as a metaphorical sausage, to wit, yet another UN resolution condemning iniquitous Zion. ;)

Sausage Party 1

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