Monday, June 20, 2016

Obama's DOJ Releases Mateen Transcripts--Sans All Those "Upsetting" References to ISIS, Jihad and By-the-Book Islam

Let's suppose some neo-Nazi opened fire in an African-American church, killing scores of people, and during the course of shooting spree he phoned police to praise Hitler, shout an "Allahu Akbar!" or two and pledge allegiance to the Third Reich.

Do you think Obama's Attorney-General would censor all references to his evil affiliations prior to releasing the transcripts of his recorded messages to police?

Of course it wouldn't.

That's the DOJ's exact M.O., however, re Omar Mateen's recording phone calls to police. And Obama lackey Loretta Lynch is trying to justify the removal of every last reference to ISIS and radical Islam by saying that she doesn't to air Mateen's "propaganda."

Well, why the hell doesn't you, LoLy? Are Americans so fragile--or so simple-minded--that they would be unable to process such utterances? Or is the real problem, at least as Obama, the most duplicitous POTUS ever, sees it, is that hearing such things will underscore the reality of the threat ISIS poses---a reality he has done his damndest to downplay for years now--and that, as a result, Americans would become really, really angry.

So angry, in fact, that they might just take it out on Hillary Clinton, the woman Obama is counting on to preserve and even further his precious legacy (precious to him, anyway; many of us see it as a legacy that's so embarrassing and douchey that it isn't worthy of celebration)?

Call my cynical, but I'd be willing to bet big bucks that this censorship effort, this insult to Americans' intelligence and their First Amendment rights, is aimed at protecting Islam and Obama's "legacy," and that that palaver about not wanting to spread ISIS "propaganda" is the lamest of lame-o excuses.

It goes without saying that if a Republican administration were acting in this blatantly high-handed and undemocratic fashion, the media would be grabbing onto it like a pitbull who has latched onto a particularly succulent bone, summoning up its highest dudgeon and more overwrought invective to condemn the obvious outrage. But since it's Obama, PBUH, media reaction, as per usual, is muted and supine: muted because it is supine. 

That being so, this is all we should expect from "intrepid" newshounds and the leftist punditocracy, almost every last one of whom is in the take for Obama: ho hum; no biggie; Islam is a peaceful faith that's been "twisted" by a few "lone lupine" malcontents; and let's get back to highlighting the biggest threat to America, namely Donald Trump.

Update: Omar Mateen described himself as 'Islamic soldier' in 911 calls to police--but we'll never read it. 

Update: The Motive Behind the Orlando Massacre? Whatchamacallit.

Update: Nanny Obama has apparently had second thoughts on the matter and has now decided that Americans are mature enough to hear a jihadi support the jihad.

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