Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Has an Ontario Court Just Derailed Justin Trudeau's Suckuppery to Iran?

Let's hope so. The court's ruling, which didn't go Iran's way, has Ayatollahville in a real snit. The supremacist Shias are so p.o.'d, in fact, that they're threatening to put the brakes on further diplomatic negotiations aimed as restoring official Canada-Iran relations--as if that's a bad thing:
TORONTO — An Ontario court decision that holds Iran financially accountable to victims of the terrorist groups it sponso usrs is threatening to complicate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s attempts to mend diplomatic ties with the Islamic republic. 
Through its state-controlled media, Iran reacted angrily over the weekend to the judge’s ruling and seemed to make the resumption of diplomatic relations conditional on overturning it, something Ottawa is unlikely to consider. 
“The move by the Canadian government contradicts claims about the normalization of relations between the two countries and compensation for the extremist policies of the country’s former government,” the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said. 
Hossein Jaberi Ansari called the decision by Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice a “political ruling” and “a new step in the direction of the hostile policies of the former extremist government of Canada, which was felled by popular vote,” Press TV reported...
As opposed to Iran, a totalitarian entity which is in the process of building nukes with which to obliterate Israel, and which cannot be felled by any vote.

BTW, I believe Iran's threats not at all. This is merely bluster that aims to score points with stupid Canadian negotiators, and you can be sure that a statement ballyhooing restored relations will be issued soon enough.


Earl said...

The Persians invented chess. Junior is barely capable of playing Chinese checkers. And Sasha is the mullahs' bought-and-paid-for puppet.

How do you see this scenario ending...?

scaramouche said...

I realize your question is rhetorical, but I can't resist answering it.

It will end badly for us--and very well for the Grandiose Ayatollah.