Saturday, June 4, 2016

Repent, "Islamophobes"!

Azeezah Kanji, a "moderate" Muslim who is a vocal apologist for Islam and who often participates in local "interfaith" hocus pocus, lectures us "Islamophobic" infidels from a bully pulpit in the Toronto Star. Kanji is determined to sell us the line that "right wing extremists" are far more worrisome than jihadi terrorism, which, she claims, has been way overblown:
Stereotypes about Muslim violence have sustained the War on Terror’s project of violence since its birth. The War’s dangerous excesses in Canada — an extra $92 billion allocated to national security spending in the decade after 9/11; expansion of state powers of surveillance, which have been used to monitor and stifle activists and dissenters; the proliferation and broadening of terrorism offences, to now include such vague crimes as “promoting or advocating the commission of terrorism offences in general” — have been justified by citing the supposedly excessive danger posed to Canadians by Muslim “terrorists.”

This fear of irrational Muslim “terror” has itself proven remarkably impervious to rational analysis. Indeed, according to the Global Terrorism Index 2015, “Islamic fundamentalism was not the primary driver of lone wolf attacks [the predominant source of deaths from ‘terrorism’ in the West since 2006], with 80 per cent of deaths in the West from lone wolf attacks being attributed to a mixture of right wing extremists, nationalists, anti-government elements, other types of political extremism and supremacism.” 
And yet, Muslims in Canada have been made to bear the brunt of the state’s suspicion...
Yeah, that's, like, soooo unfair.

Or is it?: – The U.S. State Department’s annual Country Reports on Terrorism 2015, released on Thursday, counts 11,774 terrorist attacks in 92 countries last year, but it says that’s an improvement over 2014. 
“The total number of terrorist attacks in 2015 decreased by 13% and total deaths due to terrorist attacks (28,328) decreased by 14%, compared to 2014,” the report says. “This was largely due to fewer attacks and deaths in Iraq, Pakistan, and Nigeria. This represents the first decline in total terrorist attacks and deaths worldwide since 2012.” 
“Of the 28,328 people killed in terrorist attacks in 2015, 6,924 (24%) were perpetrators of terrorist attacks,” the report says. “Perpetrators were killed intentionally in suicide attacks, accidentally while attempting to carry out attacks, or by security forces or victims responding to attacks. 
“This is an 11% increase in the number of perpetrator deaths, compared to 2014,” says the report. 
The report also says the number of terrorist kidnappings and hostage-takings increased in 2015 to more than 12,100. 
Although terrorist attacks took place in 92 countries in 2015, they were heavily concentrated geographically, the report says: 
More than 55 percent of all attacks took place in five countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nigeria), and 74 percent of all deaths due to terrorist attacks took place in five countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Syria). 
In several countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, the Philippines, Syria, and Turkey, terrorist attacks and total deaths increased in 2015.  
Right wing "lone wolves" my dimpled Tory arse! Sounds to me like Azeezah's blowing smoke--again.

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