Friday, June 17, 2016

Gays and Jews Slated for Elimination (Again)

Re the slaughter in Orlando--"the gay 9/11"--anti-QuAIA activist Martin Gladstone writes (in the Toronto Sun):
The LGBT community will at some point begin to self-identify as a target of radical Islam. 
This is not gay bashing or systemic discrimination. It is a radicalized ideology. Once you are identified as the target, it is increasingly difficult to ignore the ideology that spurs it — be it fundamental Christianity or radical Islam. 
While there will be intense debate about the motives of the killer, his conflicted sexual identity, and U.S. gun laws, one cannot ignore his self-identification with ISIS. 
One cannot ignore there are others like him who will be radicalized as well. 
ISIS has taken the fight against gays to a new level of horror, even beyond the persecution in many Muslim countries. 
The Orlando massacre was celebrated by many in the Muslim world, regardless of any affiliation with ISIS. 
Certain targets bring a jihadist greater glory, among them Jews and homosexuals.
The gay 9/11?

Well, yes, but it's like the gay Kristallnacht, too.

Update: Daniel Greenfield writes:
Obama has shaken the hands of countless Muslim leaders who are responsible for killing more gay people than Omar Mateen. When he preaches about “homophobia” and “hate crimes”, gay people might want to remember that these are standards that he does not apply to Muslims. 
That is why he can condemn abstractions like “gun violence” or “homophobia” in Orlando, rather than the concrete hatred in Islam that actually led to the massacre.


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