Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Infidels Are From Venus; Muslims Are From Mars

Daniel Greenfield offers as sound--and as depressing--an analysis of the fundamental difference between Islam and Western democracy as I have ever read:
Outside Israel, agriculture in the Middle East is sparse. The strong attachment to the land that is found among Israelis or Europeans is absent. Feudalism associates working the land with inferiority and feudalism is a more recent memory among Muslims than among most Europeans. Success means expanding into someone else’s land and living off the spoils rather than staying and working your own. 
Western cooperative societies eagerly welcome Muslim migrants because they expect them to cooperate and contribute. But that is not happening. Muslim societies are hierarchical, not cooperative. The new arrivals expect to fit into a hierarchy. If they don’t encounter a strict hierarchy, they seek to “conquer” by establishing their hierarchy with the supremacism of the Koran as their guide. 
Western societies seek to settle permanently. They plan for the long term. Nomadic tribals burn through resources, viewing cities and institutions as assets to strip, raid and dispose of, before moving on. The Islamic migration is not a new phenomenon and Europe is not meant to be its stopping point. 
This is a variation of Mohammed’s old strategy. While some Islamic groups, such as ISIS and Al Qaeda, stay behind to battle for the dying lands of the Middle East to establish their own perfect society, large numbers of Muslims are choosing to move on to fresher pastures. This cycle will only repeat itself. 
This strategy is why Islam continues to be violent. It’s why exporting democracy is useless...
Re that line about Muslims in the Middle East not having a strong attachment to that land: we know there is one group of Muslims to whom that doesn't apply--the ones who want to replace Israel with "Palestine."

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