Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones But an Angry Arab With a Machete Can Kill You

Two Israel-supporting students at Ottawa's Carleton University students (only one of whom is Jewish) say (or "claim," as the Montreal Gazette puts it) that but for their running prowess they might have been sliced 'n' diced by an angry Arab wielding a--hello, Janjaweed--machete. No laughing matter, for sure, especially since the Janja-wannabe was part of an angry, Jew-hating foursome.

And how does the organization that sees itself as the pre-eminent representative of Canadian Jewry respond to such a shocking incident? With outrage? Horror? Calls for increased police vigilance? Don't be silly. What good would that do? No, when all else fails, keep your cool and do what you always do in the face of real or imagined danger: demand more censorship (my bolds):
Len Rudner, director of the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said being a Jew or Zionist in Canada should not prompt such an attack.

"Maybe we should consider the impact that words can have in accelerating the argument to the point where people feel that this kind of behaviour is acceptable," Rudner said.
"If you permit a constant invective and demonization of the Jewish state and people who support the Jewish state, some people will feel that this gives them the permission or responsibility to carry out this kind of attack."
Yes, let's censor 'em all--the IAE crowd, the Toronto Star, the CBC. And while we're at it, let's throw in the OIC and the UNHRC; heck, why not throw in the whole flipping UN? Oh, and what about the Internet? Tons of hate on that thing. Let's insist--demand--that they all forthwith--now, what was that boffo phrase Len used?; oh yeah--"consider the impact" of their words.

That'll work, right Len?

Update: In related--and risible--news, Stephen Schwartz assures us that Canadian Muslims are much more "moderate" (whatever the heck that means) than their American counterparts. (FYI, Steve's middle name is Suleyman; make of that what you will.) Quel relief, eh? I'll make sure to try to remember that mantra next time, say, an angry mob of Jew-haters screams stuff like "You are the brother of pigs" or "Jewish child you're gonna f**king die," or a Palestinian pulls down his zipper and calls for another Holocaust.

Update: Ezra parses (and fricasees) Len Milquetoast's mealy-mouthed call for encore censorship:
...Words didn't have an impact. A machete did -- or almost did.

Accelerating the argument? A machete isn't an argument. It isn't speech, even offensive or "hateful" speech. It is a tool of violence.

And Rudner thinks that -- what? more human rights commissions prosecuting more Zionists like Mark Steyn and me? -- would make these thugs "feel" their behaviour was not "acceptable"?

We already have a Criminal Code that tells them this behaviour is not acceptable...
Well, yes. That's true enough in theory. In practice, however, it often goes down like this: an angry mob gathers to freak out en masse about "the Zionists," and police tell the Zionists at the counter-protest to flee for their lives because police can't protect them.

Update: Compare Len's tepid words in response to the machete episode with the Ceej's hyperventilated reaction to a recent cross burning in Nova Scotia (my bolds):

TORONTO – The cross-burning at the Nova Scotia home of an interracial couple, who were also the targets of racial slurs, is deeply troubling to Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) and the Atlantic Jewish Council (AJC).
”We join all right-thinking Canadians in condemning this outrageous attack,” said Canadian Jewish Congress president Mark J. Freiman. “The racial slurs are reprehensible in themselves and have no place in the inclusive and multicultural society of today’s Nova Scotia and Canada. The cross-burning goes beyond the merely reprehensible. As the calling card of the racist Ku Klux Klan in its terrorist campaign of violence and intimidation of African-Americans, a burning cross is the embodiment of hate and malevolence that in our view represents prima facie a hate crime of the most serious magnitude.”

Atlantic Jewish Council Executive Director Jon Goldberg added, “We urge the RCMP to investigate this intolerable incident with a view to pursuing the potential hate crime dimension of any criminal charges that may be laid.”
Whoa. Take a chill pill, fellah. The Ku Klux Klan, huh? Like I'm sitting up nights worrying about those guys. (Well, maybe I would be if they iced the ghost outfits, "reverted" to Islam, and got themselves some of that Janjaweed silverwear.)


natasha said...

I skimmed Schwartz's article this morning -- nearly choked on my breakfast. Moderate -- uh huh, sure. Tell that to the near victims of that machete attack.

Josephine said...

Scaramouche, search the Jihad Watch archives for "Stephen Schwartz".

scaramouche said...

I'm familiar with Schwatz's shtick. He's a "revert" who pushes the line that all the bad stuff in Islam is the fault of the Wahhabis. In it's own way, it's as feeble and incoherent as Fatah's shtick about it all being the fault of sharia (even though it kinda is, not that it's even feasible to take the sharia out of Islam).

Rochelle said...

Our Jewish leaders and Rabbis have distanced themselves to the point they cannot respond as a father would if coming that close to burying his own son.

*Outrage!* is in my vocabulary. Nick is the son of all us who care.

Rose said...

Speaking of the Klan or is that Clan, apparently there is only one member left or so it appears. I thought you'd enjoy the following story.

Link: http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2010/04/05/what-if-they-gave-a-klan-rally-and-nobody-came/

Snippet: This Saturday, the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan — a once-powerful organization that in 1960 coordinated more than 1,000 simultaneous cross burnings in a frightening display of Southern resistance to desegregation — held a rally in Gloverdale, S.C. It was attended by a single Klansman: state leader Tim Bradley.

End quote:-----------

Bad day for the various HRC across the land, to bad he wasn't Canadian they could try him up the wazzo for decades under some hate legislation.

scaramouche said...

"It was attended by a single Klansman: state leader Tim Bradley."

Like I said, I'm really losing sleep over the KKKers. (Them and their jihad.)