Thursday, May 19, 2011

And Speaking of Doo-Doo...

Barack Obama (who's full of it) wants to seize the (mythical) moment of a (chimerical) "Arab Spring" to force Israel to retreat to indefensible 1967 borders for the sake of a (fraudulent) peace deal with those who sincerely believe that Jews have no right to be sovereign over any morsel of land in Dar al Islam, no matter how small.

A pox on him--a real one.

Update: Did Obama think he was giving a pro-Israel speech? You know what, I bet he did.

Update: Israel sez take a hike, bro.

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Carlos Perera said...

I must respectfully disagree with Scaramouche's conclusion that Obama thought he was giving a pro-Israel speech. My own take on his speech is that he was trying to camouflage an anti-Israel ploy with a veneer of vague security guarantees in exchange for concrete concessions of territory and sovereignty. As I have mentioned several times in my comments on this blog, Obama views the world through the prism of American race relations. In this view, people--or peoples--are either honkies or "persons of color." Israelis have been cast in the role of honkies. They are ipso facto fundamentally at fault in their territorial disputes with the "colored" Arabs; they will be pressed to make one concession after another, after another, after another . . . until it ceases to exist as a Jewish state. The pattern of negotiations to be followed is that between post-colonial white minorities and the non-white masses in former outposts of European civilization: See the histories of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, the Republic of South Africa, Algeria, etc.

Obama has bet heavily that he can get away with this because enough American Jews will remain loyal to the Democratic Party, no matter what happens to Israel, that he will still be electable in 2012. Also, he may have calculated that any Jewish defections will be compensated by increased support from the doctrinaire left and non-white constituencies. (Anti-Semitism is rife in the black and Hispanic communities in the U. S., long the beneficiaries of Jewish political action on their behalf, bolstering Clare Booth Luce's cynical aphorism that, "No good deed goes unpunished.")

I hope I'm wrong.