Monday, May 23, 2011

'Words of Wisdom' From 'Grassroots' Canucki Khomeinists

Found this one re the "Arab Spring" on the CASMO site. Oddly enough, the Shia outfit is as dubious about the seasonal blossoming as I am:
The recent unrest in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere would lead to nothing more than the likes of a constitutional revolution of Iran, if Ideological behaviours and religious guidance is not adopted. A constitution that will exist in writing guaranteeing rights to people but in action would be a play dough for influential powers whose roots are deeply embedded in representatives that will emerge from these ‘leaderless’ revolutions.
For this reason, Ayatollah Khamenei has reiterated that this revolution is inspired to be Islamic and that world powers want to deviate it away from Islam so that they can employ another pharaoh:
“Do not trust the political and hypocritical gestures of America and the west. They were supporting the corrupt regime until a few days ago. But now that they have despaired of keeping it in power, they are claiming to support the rights of the people. Using this cover, they are trying to replace the pawns with other pawns. And by bringing in new faces, they are trying to help those who are connected with them dominate you once again. This is an insult to the intelligence of nations. Do not tolerate them, and do not settle for anything less than the establishment of a totally independent and populist system that is faithful to Islam”
How are you liking your CASMO clocks now, Barbara? Jackie-Boy?

Update: The one question no one in Canadian media has bothered to ask Uber-Commissar Hall: How do you, as head of the Ontario "Human Rights" Commission, justify accepting a gift from supporters of a regime which oppresses women and executes gays for the "crime" of their gayness?

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