Friday, May 20, 2011

OHRC "Tweets" Anti-Zionist Spin

If you want to understand the worldview of our kooky "human rights" apparatus, all you have to do is read this. "Tweeted" by the Ontario "Human Rights" Commission, it's an article by anti-Zionist Alex Neve who heads up the Canucki branch of anti-Zionist NGO Shamnesty International. Here's Neve on a tear about how awful it was for the Tories to cut funding to Zion-haters:
Some of these funding cuts have received considerable media and political attention, such as the crisis that shook and weakened Canada’s world-respected agency Rights and Democracy, created by Parliament. The crisis was triggered by the ideological opposition of a few government-appointed Board members to relatively small grants provided to well-known Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups. It provoked heated internal battles, in the midst of which the agency’s former President, Rémy Beauregard, died from a heart attack. Staff have been summarily fired. Others have left in dismay. A new president, who has taken some questionable human rights positions in the past, was appointed by the government despite opposition from all three opposition parties. In the end, one of Canada’s very important and trusted human rights voices has become largely silent on a whole range of issues that long defined its agenda and program of work. 
There was the clearly politically motivated decision to deny CIDA funding to KAIROS and Alternatives, largely because of their programs of work with and on behalf of Palestinians.  
The Canadian Arab Federation lost immigration department funding for resettlement programs because of comments the Federation’s president made about the situation of Palestinians.  
An academic conference at York University faced intense political and administration interference, going to the very heart of academic freedom, again because of ideological views clearly not prepared to countenance criticism of Israel’s human rights record.
Gee, thanks for the tweet, Barbara. So glad you and your "human rights" racket are around to pro-actively fill our heads with crap and give your provincial seal of approval to Neve's Zionhass (the only hatred of which both lefties and 'Slamists wholeheartedly approve).


Revnant Dream said...

This is the only good news of the day. You have to love Harpers boldness when it comes to Israel. Man he makes me proud to be Canadian. In a World full of the usual Jew haters.

Canadian PM: I Will Defend Israel 'whatever the cost'

This goes for me as an individual as well.
Support Israel!!!

scaramouche said...

Sigh. If only he were as ballsy about state censorship and Canada's "human rights" racket.