Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Even Though We're Huge Lefties, Don't Be 'Misled' By Bernie Farber's Running For the Liberals Into Thinking We're Huge Lefties

The Ceej "clarifies" its political leanings in light of the departure of its Big Kahuna:
May 25, 2011
Canadian Jewish Congress Announces Change in Professional Leadership
Toronto- Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) President Mark J. Freiman issued the following statement today:
"Today, Chief Executive Officer Bernie M. Farber announced his intention to pursue a political opportunity. Canadian Jewish Congress, like other organs of the Jewish community, has always encouraged our professional staff to engage in public service, including by standing for election for public office. As is common in other Jewish organizations, our policies provide for leaves of absence to enable our professionals to take up such opportunities, and we have granted Bernie's request for such a leave. Bernie has dedicated much of his life to defending and supporting the Jewish community of Canada and for that we are grateful. At the proper time and place, we will recount in full all of Bernie's contributions to the Jewish community.
Irrespective of the personal political choices of our professional staff upon taking leaves of absence to run for public office, our organization remains resolutely non-partisan in its advocacy on behalf of Canada's Jewish community," said Freiman...
Thanks, Mark, for my laugh o' the day.


Paul said...

"At the proper time and place, we will recount in full all of Bernie's contributions to the Jewish community."

"But nothing comes to mind at the moment." Mark went on to say.

Frances said...

Now all we need is Ezra to start wearing a prayer shawl and yarmulke during his broadcasts.

Anonymous said...

Shameless, gutless liars.

Admin said...


Writing that bafflegab must have required really large kahunas !

Revnant Dream said...

This is just bird cage linning by a guy who never worked in his life, but has codged a lifestyle from the monies of others. I will say one thing. He is a Liberal, because only a liberal would have no shame in using his background to dupe everyone into thinking he's actually contributed anything but misery to Canadians while picking thier pockets. A true red .