Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Healer-in-Chief"? Oh, Good Gravy!

Worshipful AP reports that Obama is "going to Missouri to offer help in healing":
President Barack Obama is pivoting from diplomacy on the world stage to the intimate and delicate domestic task of acting as healer-in-chief to a devastated community.
The president travels to tornado-wrecked Joplin, Mo., on Sunday, a day after returning from a six-day European tour of Ireland, England, France and Poland.
After days of focusing on the U.S. relationship with the rest of the world, he'll turn to an even more critical connection: his own, with the American people...
I think I know that song:

It's O, Brother O's, say
Brother O's Traveling Salvation Show
Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies
And ev'ryone goes, 'cause everyone knows
Brother O's show...

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