Thursday, May 26, 2011

Border Songs

Rush's parodist has crafted an amusing take-off of "Welcome Back," which FFF posts here. I've taken the same theme--Obama ordering the Israelis to return to their pre-Six Day War borders--and done it up a la Madonna:

Something in the fibre of my being
Won't let you be.
I just gotta "solve" the "problem"
Of the Jew's country.
Stop balking at my words,
Bein' such big turds.
I know what's good for you.
I won't give it a rest
Until you past the test.
Make "peace" that will be true.

Just try to comprehend
I want this all to end
'Cause I'm the best, you see.

'67 one's on my mind.
And I'll keep on shoving Jews
Back to that borderline.
Don't care if that line ain't fine.
I'll just keep on pushing you Jews
Back to that borderline...

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