Saturday, May 28, 2011

Egypt Opens Gaza Border, Canucki Gaza Boatniks Do Their Best to Ignore It

Now that an "Arab Spring-ified" Egypt has opened its border with Gaza, thereby easing the free flow of travelers (and weapons) into the Hamas-controlled strip, when will Canucki Gaza boatniks drop plans to "bust" the Gaza blockade?

What's that you say? They plan to go with their busting despite the fact that the border with Egypt is now open, and despite the fact that Israel has never denied the entry of genuine humanitarian supplies?

You don't think that's because the blockade busting was always more about the busters--their death wish/pathetic need to aggrandize themselves by demonstrating their "virtue" bona fides--than it was about the busting, do you?

Maybe now that the blockade is pretty much defunct they can turn the Tahrir into a commercial operation and book it for summertime parties on Lake Ontario.

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