Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Book of Lust

Why can't "some" men (Tiger, Ah-nold, that French dude, etc.) keep it in their trousers? A piece in the NYT claims it's due to their being alpha males who get off on dominating chicks:
Make no mistake: Many men are faithful partners and remain so for life. Others would play the course like Tiger Woods if they had the opportunity and the chops.       
But only a minority of men feel entitled to have their way to dominate others, to humiliate them if provoked. These guys usually know who they are, and the people around them sure do. They were grabbing waitresses or pulling the wings off flies well before becoming chairman of the board.
People are debating now whether some cultures even sanction this behavior. Yet if social science is any guide, arrogance generally precedes power, not the other way around. For all their professed suspicion of autocrats, people tend to cede authority precisely to those individuals who want it most. Studies of group behavior suggest that the overconfident, outspoken individuals are the ones who tend to become the leaders. And the experience of being at the top only reinforces the person’s sense of control and self-centeredness.
Maybe so, but I think whassup with these guys can at least in part be explained by the title of that famous "never the twain shall meet" book Women Are From Mars, Men Are From Penis.

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