Sunday, May 22, 2011

Harpoon High Fives a Suck-Up

Harpoon Siddiqui (who endorsed Wanker Jack Layton for prime minister--'nuff said) contrasts Stephen Harper and Barack Obama. Guess which dopey hopey-changey leader wins favour in his eyes?
Barack Obama, by contrast, is recasting the decades-old U.S. policy of backing dictators. He’s supporting the pro-democracy movement. He’s also repairing America’s tattered relations with the Arab and broader Muslim world, while the Harperites are stuck in clash-of-civilizations mode.
In his long-awaited speech on the Middle East Thursday, Obama promised a multi-billion-dollar aid and trade package to help Egypt, Tunisia and others transition to democracy and financial stability. Where’s Canada?
Where's Canada? One hopes that with Harper at the helm we willnot be "recasting," "supporting," "repairing" and blowing mega-millions on the fatuous, fantastical "pro-democracy" movement (the Muslim world understanding concepts such as "democracy" and "freedom" as being Islam or some variation thereof).

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