Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wrestling With a Blessing

Checking out, just for fun, the Twitter feed of a Professional Jew, I notice he tweets his regrets over the sudden passing of a professional wrestler. "May his memory be for a blessing," quoth the P.J. re the late p.w.

May Randy "Macho Man" Savage's memory "be for a blessing"? If you say so, fella.

So, whassup with the tweet? Slow news day? Is the P.J., who has political aspirations, trying to appeal to the all-important wrestling-aficionado demographic? Or could it be that Macho Man is (or rather was) as they say "of the tribe"?

In answer to the slow news day question: no. In answer to the wrestling demographic one: maybe. In answer to the final query: yes, officially, but no, not really.

1 comment:

Paul said...

.... final performance of Urinetown tonight Max and cast, fabulous..only in Thornhill u say...pity

... I ain't gonna say it :)

[I'm sure Urinetown only in Thgornhill is such a pity. ]