Monday, May 30, 2011

The Shlong and the Short of It

The Toronto Star offers this example of dirty politics in the age of Twitter:
A lewd photo of a penis that was posted on rookie PC candidate George Lepp’s Twitter account on Sunday was not of his own “family jewels,” the communications director for the provincial Tories told the Star after a Toronto Sun article was published online.
The Sun article reported that the photo was taken by Lepp’s BlackBerry when it was on camera mode in his front pant pocket. The information was attributed to Tory communications director Alan Sakach.
“That’s incorrect. I have no idea how the photo was taken,” Sakach told the Star.
Lepp was pickpocketed outside the Dixon Rd. convention centre Saturday as he was leaving the party conference, Sakach said. Lepp’s son noticed the “very unusual Tweet” on Sunday and removed it immediately, Sakach said.
“I know he was pickpocketed and somebody posted a link to a pornographic photo,” Sakach said. “Obviously it had nothing to do with George. It’s something he is very upset about.”...
Sounds like the pickpocket may have taken a shot of his own equipment. In which case, it shouldn't be too hard to identify him if ever he's caught.

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