Sunday, May 22, 2011

The "Luck" of the Irish

Great news for all my Irish friends! You are even now being considered for inclusion in our national shrine to victimhood. Don't you feel like lucky ducks?
The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is considering telling the story of Irish suffering in a gallery that might be called Recovery and Reconciliation. Some Irish Catholics could dispute that decision, arguing it belongs in a zone for mass atrocities.
It's an important and compelling story that occupies some 800 years of history, but the museum has it right. The most instructive aspect of the ancient Anglo-Irish feud is that the two sides have found a way out of the cycle of violence.
There are still hard feelings and the urge to shed blood is still there, but the focus today is clearly on recovery and reconciliation...
So what kind of Irish Catholic are you--the type who wants to situate your historical suffering in a "Recovery and Reconciliation" context or would you prefer to hunker down in the "zone for mass atrocities"?

Or maybe you're the sort who's not into mass murder porn, who will never become reconciled to this misconceived monstrosity of a museum, and who wants to end the suffering of having to pay for it right now.

If so, you're my kind of Irishman, er, person, er, whatever.

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alexb said...

Dublin born.
I'm with ya!
Btw,heist was my word verification,i find that fitting.