Saturday, May 28, 2011

Risible Headline/Article of the Day

Hamas: Agents of terror, partners in peace, or both?

"Partners in peace"?--what drugs you been smoking, Patrick Martin?

Update: My letter:
The idea that someone could even put Hamas (an organization whose Charter cites core Islamic texts in calling for the destruction not only of Israel but of Jewry) and "partners for peace" in the same sentence is so off the wall that it's on par with suggesting that the late Osama bin Laden was a devotee of Western democracy.


Carlos Perera said...

If the PLO can be regarded as a respectable "partner in peace" by the world community, including the U. S., . . . heck, including Israel! . . . despite its not-so-secret declarations (in Arabic, natch, though easily accessed through the invaluable of its continuing intent to excise the Jewish Entity in fact as well as cartographically (which they have already done) from the map of the Middle East, why should Hamas _not_ be regarded in the same way?

scaramouche said...

CP--please see my letter to the ed. above