Saturday, May 28, 2011

Manifesting Support For Western-Style Freedom

It was 'splained to me today that the (complicated/convoluted) reason why Netanyahu got so many ovations in Congress was because America is a fundamentally fundamentalist entity, and Americans were applauding Israel because they see it as an outpost of their manifest "Manifest Destiny."


I think the reason Bibi got such a warm reception is far simpler (and less anti-American) than that--and so does Caroline Glick:
The American people, whose overwhelming support for Israel was demonstrated by their representatives in both houses of the Congress on Tuesday, also felt empowered, proud and relieved. Because not only did Netanyahu eloquently remind them of why they stand with Israel He reminded them of why everyone who truly loves freedom stands with America.
It is true that the American lawmakers who interrupted Netanyahu's remarks dozens of times to applaud wanted to use his presence in their chamber to send a message of solidarity to the people of Israel. But during the course of his speech, it became apparent that it wasn't just their desire to show solidarity that made them stand and applaud so many times. Netanyahu managed to relieve them as well.
Since he assumed office, Obama has been traveling the world apologizing for America's world leadership. He has been lecturing the American people about the need to subordinate America's national interests to global organizations like the United Nations that are controlled by dictatorships which despise them.
Suddenly, here was an allied leader reminding them of why America is a great nation that leads the world by right, not by historical coincidence...
Of course, if your default setting is liberal/leftist, you're apt to see things much differently.

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